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New Endocrinologist Joins MultiSpecialty Health Group

Dr. Fiore, Dr. Hussein and Dr. Dhaliwal

Sandeep Dhaliwal, MD, endocrinology, was granted temporary privileges on October 21, 2010. Dr. Dhaliwal is a member of the MultiSpecialty Health Group with offices in the Pogonia Medical Office Building. Dr. Dhaliwal joins Dr. Hussein, Infectious Diseases and Dr. Tony Fiore, Family Practice.



Opening SRMC has brought many successes, but also many challenges. As a physician, it can be particularly frustrating to run into barriers that prevent you from taking care of your patients. That’s why we believe it is absolutely essential to resolve problems as quickly as they develop and to communicate the solution back to you. We wanted to use this space to let you know about some of the obstacles that we have encountered and how they have been overcome.

Many physicians have had difficulty receiving pages both in and outside of the hospital.

RESOLUTION: An Aquis paging tower was erected on the roof of the building and repeaters were installed on hospital floors to increase paging reception. However, paging reception remains a challenge in Radiology due to the lead walls.

RESOLUTION: A new paging system has also been implemented called “Amion” which allows only the on-call physician’s paging information to display to our PBX operators. This has been implemented to eliminate unneeded pages and the physician on-call schedules are also verifiable and viewable for physician practices on the internet.

Physicians were having difficult viewing and signing patient’s records after discharge.

RESOLUTION: HCare and the portal are two systems that have been added to make it easier for physicians to view and sign off on their discharged patient’s charts. The portal is used to process outstanding orders and other chart deficiencies and is accessible after logging into HCare. HCare is the main portal for viewing patient information post discharge. HCare can be accessed via the web, and all records are picked up at the facility the day after discharge to be scanned electronically into the system.

Other issues and resolutions:

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SRMC Department Elections

The following physicians were elected to office in October; the Board of Trustees will ratify the results at their meeting in November so that these leaders can commence their duties on January 1, 2011:

Chairman, Medicine/Family Practice Dept: Bradley Shumaker, MD, Adult Hospitalist

Vice Chairman, Med/Family Practice Dept: Tony Fiore, MD, Family Practice

Chairman, Surgery Dept: Bradley Ryan, MD, General/Vascular Surgery

Vice Chairman, Surgery Dept: Matthew DuMont, MD, Urology

Chairman, Women’s & Children’s Dept: Zeenat Patel, MD, Obstetrics-Gynecology

Vice Chairman, Women’s & Children’s Dept: Stephanie Smith, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist

At the General Medical Staff meeting on November 11, 2010, the following sole candidates for leadership positions were approved: Robert Weaver, MD (Otolaryngology) for Chief of Staff; and William Enos, MD (Pathology) for Secretary-Treasurer (approval conditional upon ratification by the Board of Trustees in December).  Election of the Chief of Staff Elect has been deferred until a qualified candidate is identified.

This Month’s Q&A Technology Tips

Q: What is PACS?
A: PACS is an acronym that stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System. PACS revolutionized the field of radiology, which now consists of all digital, computer-generated images as opposed to the analog film of yesteryear. Analog film took up space and time for filing and retrieval and storage, and were prone to being lost or misfiled. PACS therefore saves precious time and money, and reduces the liability caused by filing errors and lost films.

PACS is primarily responsible for the inception of virtual radiology, as images can now be viewed from across town, or even from around the world. Additionally, PACS acts as a digital filing system to store patients’ images in an organized way which enables records to be retrieved with ease as needed for future reference.

Aim for Zero

This year, HCA CEO Richard Bracken identified “becoming the premier healthcare provider” as our first and foremost strategic objective. This requires avoiding comparisons against average clinical performance and setting our goal on excellence. AIM for Zero is a terrific example of HCA’s commitment to providing excellence in healthcare through the consistent application of evidence-based interventions in the elimination of Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLA-BSI). Our goal for this initiative is zero, as we know from the medical literature that these infections are increasingly proven to be avoidable.

The letter “A” in AIM stands for antimicrobial stewardship which embraces the effective and efficient utilization of antibiotics. Overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics is not only needlessly expensive, but it breeds resistant infections. The letter “I” refers to a checklist of interventions that has been demonstrated as preventing CLA-BSI at the point of Insertion. “M” stands for vigilance in maintaining and removing central lines at the earliest appropriate moment.
Culture is critical to high performance health care. AIM for Zero includes behavioral expectations that encourage any team member to “speak up” to assure that the required interventions are followed.

The personal behavior choices we make each day affect our ability to protect our patients from preventable, and potentially life-threatening infections. Your leadership and support are essential to ensuring the HCA commitment to premier performance that patients expect and deserve.

Welcome, Ellen Scott, Sr. Leader, Med. Surg.

Ellen Scott, Sr. Leader, Med Surg

Ellen Scott, a native of Spotsylvania who resides at Lake Anna, has been a nurse for 30 years. Of those 30 years, she has spent 13 with HCA.
Ellen specializes in Oncology, and comes to us from Reston Hospital, where she served as Director of Medical Oncology.

She is a mother of 4 (3 girls and 1 boy) and enjoys boating and cooking. She is very excited to be part of this team and loves that everyone is so
happy, friendly and willing to help. She recalls the day of her interview not knowing where to go when she walked into the main lobby and being escorted by an employee all the way back to the Administration Boardroom, getting a tour the whole way! This experience made Ellen feel instantly welcomed, and honored to soon become a part of the Spotsy Team!

Specialists On Call

Dr. Dale Simmonds, Dr. “Bob” and NP, Henri Perrotte

Specialists On Call is a telemedicine system designed specifically for stroke and other emergent neurological needs. The system provides 24/7 emergency neurology support, and consults are guaranteed within 15 minutes. A consult is conducted via a HD Camera, and the patient can view the neurologist on the system’s LCD monitor to increase the patients interaction with the physician. Specialists on Call will enable patients to receive emergent neurology support from board certified neurologists on a state of the art system.


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