Windows-based Medical Records Have Arrived

Now integrated clinical data is available in one location—the Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) — via a simplified sign-on process.  Rather than logging into multiple systems (Meditech, PACs, etc), a physician can log in through the Clinician Portal and access HPF clinical patient information.  This application also allows physicians to electronically sign transcribed reports and verbal orders.  With the addition of Simplified Remote Access (SRA or tokenless remote access), physicians are able to log in to the system from virtually any location by going to the secure log-in page and entering a username and password, which will automatically pass their log-in information through to the portal.

This will improve the flow of information and all post-discharge medical records will be available electronically, reducing the paper chart chase and eliminating the current process of the physician having to go to the HIM (Health Information Management) department to sign stacks of charts.  Keep in mind that all information that appears in Meditech flows over in real time, while any handwritten or scanned documents appear after a patient has been discharged. All orders will still be entered in Meditech, but this is an excellent way to access and view records.  For more information on access in your office or training on the program, please call Kristin Thompson at 540-848-4510.

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