Looking for Answers?

Adapting to change can be difficult, especially when you see different staff every day and a familiar face is hard to find. If you have questions, it might be challenging to find who you’re looking for to solve your problem. In the last newsletter, we listed a few problems along with their resolutions to help you know that we are hard at working solving your problems. 

In this issue of On The Spot, we wanted to use the space to provide contact information and important how-to instructions for using SRMC’s services. However if there are problems that you have encountered here at SRMC, feel free to leave a comment and we can start working on it immediately and update you on our progress in the next issue of the physician newsletter.


As a convenience, our radiology forms have recently been redesigned and are being delivered to office staff at your practices. The form can also be downloaded from our internet page at the following address: http://spotsrmc.com/CustomPage.asp?guidCustomContentID={60A3250A-D7FB-4A90-B932-95554447B664}. It’s important to print the forms directly or request copies because if scans are made, the barcodes will not be read for patients when scanned into their medical record. If there are any questions, please contact Kristin Thompson at 540-848-4510. We also accept orders on your prescription pads, in-office order forms or from your EMR systems with electronic signatures.  Keep in mind that all orders should contain: Patient name, test, diagnosis or signs/symptoms (Rule out – R/O- is not acceptable for a diagnosis), provider, signature, phone number of the provider ordering the test, and the date the order was written (an order is only valid for 6 months).

Direct Admissions

Direct admissions for your patients can be accomplished by contacting our nursing supervisor at 540-498-4655. If the nursing supervisor is busy, the line will automatically transfer you to one of our PBX operators who will take a message for the nursing supervisor and return your call as quickly as possible.


HCARE is a new system available to physicians that enables you to view patient records and images remotely.  If you’d like HCARE or Meditech installed on your computer or are in need of additional training, please contact Kristin Thompson at 540-848-4510.

Meditech Access or IT&S Questions

With a new hospital comes many different technology systems. If you would like additional training, we are happy to go to your physician office to provide education to you or to your staff.  Also if you are on your way to SRMC and would like assistance, just dial 540-498-4DOC (4362) and request that a super-user meet you upon arrival. If there are any questions, please contact Cecil Jackson at 540-498-4166.

The above topics are the ones we are most frequently asked about, however if there is another issue which you would like some information, please leave a comment or contact Sebastian Haines at 540-498-4062.

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