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“I T and S” Roundtable

Our Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center team has encountered and overcome many challenges since the hospital opened in June, 2010. From successfully treating over 100 patients in our Emergency Department in a single day to performing 100 cardiac catheterizations, to having 100 babies born in our nursery, 2010 was a year in which SRMC surpassed milestones. However, there are still many challenges left to overcome and we are confident that 2011 will bring even greater stories of success. Continue reading ‘“I T and S” Roundtable’

SCIP – Surgical Care Improvement Project

Core Measures have become the first publicly available metrics to reflect a hospital’s quality of care and are equally important as patient satisfaction (HCAPS) to the success of SRMC. Core Measures is a term created for a series of evidence-based measures used to judge whether each patient received the standard of care for several common conditions treated at hospitals. Currently, metrics are reported on patients with four conditions: AMI, CHF, Pneumonia, and the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP). If you are ever in the hospital and hear someone use the term “Fall-out,” that means the care of the patient received in a facility did not meet the established standard of care.  Continue reading ‘SCIP – Surgical Care Improvement Project’

Division Directors

In follow up to the recent listing of MEC leaders and department chairs, the following Division Directors have been appointed:

Pending Cardiology  
Domenica Marcantonio, MD Emergency Medicine  
Tony Fiore, DO Family Practice  
Chetan Pai, MD Gastroenterology  
Bradley Shumaker, MD Internal Medicine  
Daniel Radack, MD Radiology  


Suleiman Abu-Afash, MD Anesthesiology  
Robert Weaver, MD Otolaryngology  
Bradley Ryan, MD General/Vascular Surgery  
Pending Ophthalmology  
Ali Hashemi, MD Orthopedics/Podiatry  
Matthew DuMont, MD Urology  


Andrea Jackson, MD Obstetrics/Gynecology  
Alia Hamad, DO Pediatrics  

SRMC Cancer Committee and Tumor Board

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center has initiated a Cancer Committee and Tumor Board program.  The Cancer Committee is chaired by Sudeep Menachery, MD, from Hematology-Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg amd other members include: Richard Fortunato, DO (Colorectal Surgery); Dishant Shah, MD (Radiology); William Enos, MD (Pathology), Douglas Arthur, MD (Radiation Oncology, HCA Richmond), Esther Desimini, VP, HCA Oncology Services and Jutta Duncan, Tumor Registrar.  The Committee will meet quarterly, immediately after the Tumor Board presentation.  Continue reading ‘SRMC Cancer Committee and Tumor Board’

Medical Staff Reappointments

The following specialties have or will commence the reappointment process:

  • February 2011: Family Practice, Gastroenterology and Nephrology
  • March 2011: Adult Hospitalists
  • April 2011: Hematology/Oncology, Pediatric Hospitalists and Internal Medicine

A schedule of all 2011 meetings is available on the Intranet under Departments, Medical Staff Services or

New practitioners and two retirements approved by the Board at the beginning of this month:

Graham Bundy, MD Thoracic Surgery Consulting
Chiwon Hahn, MD Thoracic Surgery Consulting
Timothy Wolfgang, DO Thoracic Surgery Consulting
Molly Castille, MD Family Medicine Ambulatory
Veena Vangani, MD Internal Medicine Provisional
James Mize, MD Pathology Provisional
Candace Adams, NP Family Medicine APP (associated w/Dr. Paquette)
Makini Ainsworth, MD Internal Medicine Provisional
Joshua Adams, MD Interventional Radiology Provisional
James Mathurs, MD eICU Retirement effective 12-31-2010
Karem Yostos, DO Hospitalist Retirement effective 1-7-2011

Revisions to Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules & Regulations

The Bylaws and Rules and Regulations are both revised annually in order to align with HCA bylaws, the state and federal regulations, as well as the joint commission mandates.  The updated versions can be found on the intranet at or click on Medical Staff Services on the left side under Departments on the Intranet homepage.

SRMC Brings More Offices to Site

The Pogonia Medical Arts building now houses three physician offices: The Multispecialty Health Group, which opened in July, has been joined by Virginia Cardiovascular Consultants and HCA Virginia Health Specialists.  The newest office to open is HCA Virginia Health Specialists, which will house the following specialties:  Cardiothoracic surgery, Hematology/Oncology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and the Virginia Transplant team.  Continue reading ‘SRMC Brings More Offices to Site’


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