“I T and S” Roundtable

Our Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center team has encountered and overcome many challenges since the hospital opened in June, 2010. From successfully treating over 100 patients in our Emergency Department in a single day to performing 100 cardiac catheterizations, to having 100 babies born in our nursery, 2010 was a year in which SRMC surpassed milestones. However, there are still many challenges left to overcome and we are confident that 2011 will bring even greater stories of success.

One of the challenges encountered while opening the facility was orienting new physicians and staff to the various IT&S systems. New HCA facilities have typically been opened with a medical and hospital staff largely composed of physicians and nurses familiar with Meditech and other electronic systems. In addition, SRMC opened with many clinical applications not yet in use at other HCA facilities.  For example, 85% of our clinician orders are entered electronically, making our facility a national leader with respect to physician electronic order entry. In addition, opening with computerized physician order entry and electronic documentation proved advantageous when trying to meet the national HITECH Act’s requirement that all hospitals make “meaningful use” of electronic health records by 2014. In opening with these electronic systems, it has been challenging to orient physicians and staff to both a new hospital as well as a litany of new electronic documentation systems. In response to physicians’ recommendations, our facility, in collaboration with our division IT&S leadership, have established an IT&S roundtable to bring representatives from every technology system in use and make them available for physicians to ask questions and recommend improvements. Attendees have included: Dr. Wicker, Dr. Shah, Dr. Shumaker, Dr. Pierce, Dr. Aiken, and many others.

Some projects currently underway include examining information flow through Meditech and into HCARE. For example, the committee reviewed a problem concerning orders from consulting physicians that were falling into attending physician queues to sign off on in Horizon Patient Folder, requiring them to sign off on orders that didn’t belong to them. We are even looking into reducing how often the PACS screen flickers when looking at radiology results.

If you would like to attend the meeting or have a recommendation, contact Kristin Thompson at 540-848-4510 or email Kristin.thompson1@hcahealthcare.com.

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