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Dr. Walter Zolkiwsky Named Chief Medical Officer of HCA Virginia’s Northern Market

Walter R. Zolkiwsky. M.D., has been appointed Chief Medical Officer for HCA Virginia’s Northern Market. Dr. Zolkiwsky will provide overall clinical leadership and oversight of the market’s medical staff, as well as overseeing quality of care, continuing medical education and credentialing. Continue reading ‘Dr. Walter Zolkiwsky Named Chief Medical Officer of HCA Virginia’s Northern Market’

Oronde Smith is new Medical Director of Emergency Services

Oronde Anthony Smith, M.D.  assumed responsibilities as Medical Director of Emergency Services at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center (SRMC) on July 1, 2011. In his new role, Dr. Smith will provide leadership over Medical Services in the emergency room where over 30,000 patients were served at the facility from June 7, 2010 to June 7, 2011. Continue reading ‘Oronde Smith is new Medical Director of Emergency Services’

In-house Testing for Legionella and Streptococcus Pneumoniae Urinary Antigens Offered

Effective Wednesday, July 13, 2011, in-house testing for Legionella and Streptococcus pneumoniae urinary antigens will be offered in the lab at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. These tests are currently being sent to a reference lab but by offering them in-house, we will improve both result turnaround time and relevant clinical outcomes when diagnosing community acquired pneumonia. In addition, testing for pneumococcal meningitis will be offered on CSF specimens. Specimen requirements remain the same, a standard urine collection container for urinary antigens and CSF collected according to standard procedures when testing for pneumococcal meningitis.

PAT Scheduling Process

•All of our PATs are scheduled to eliminate patient wait, however, we know there can be exceptions.
•Once a case is posted, it triggers our team to call your patient 3-14 days prior to their procedure to schedule their PAT.  The phone number that will appear on Caller ID is 804-267-4000.
•For cases that are quick add-ons, please call 540-498-4788 to alert our staff that you have an add-on.  That allows us to find more staff or an open time slot for your patient.  This prevents extended wait times and most importantly patient dissatisfaction. Continue reading ‘PAT Scheduling Process’

Medical Staff Services Update for June 2011

Practitioners who have joined the staff in June 2011:

Gustavo, Ortiz, MD (eNeurology) Philip Casey, DO (Internal Medicine) Maritza Romero-Guiterrez, MD (Pathology) Hugh Hemsely, MD (Emergency Medicine) Kenneth Brown, MD (Emergency Medicine) Charles Ehlenberger, MD (Radiology) Rachel Villacorta-Lyew, MD (Emergency Medicine) Drummond Vogan, MD (Emergency Medicine) Shahida Chowdhury, MD (Emergency Medicine) Michele Hollis, Md (Emergency Medicine) Rodney Biglow, MD (Emergency Medicine) Nicholas Gentry, MD (Emergency Medicine)

HCA Joins the Optima Health Network

We are pleased to announce that on July 1, 2011, HCA Virginia Health System will become a provider for the Optima Health network in Virginia. The agreement will tie all of Optima’s commercial, Medicare and Medicaid products to HCA Virginia’s hospitals, surgery centers, imaging centers and physicians in Central Virginia. Continue reading ‘HCA Joins the Optima Health Network’

Pet Therapy Program Debuts at SRMC

Linda and Abby. Eric and Oscar. Dara and Daisy Lou. The newest members of the healing team at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center are not doctors or nurses, but they have an amazing track record of making people feel better. They offer no shots or medications, but they’ve been widely lauded for their healing powers. They’re not your typical caregivers; in fact, half of them have more than two legs. Continue reading ‘Pet Therapy Program Debuts at SRMC’


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