Assisting Physicians Through the Use of iPads

Busy is certainly a word you could use to describe Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Forefront is another. Not just in the care we give, but also how we give it. Enter Apple’s iPad. Always sought after and coveted in the consumer market, the lightweight and reliable device is making strong inroads in the healthcare field as well.

Deployed among the hospitalists here, the iPad utilizes the Citrix Receiver app, available free from the App Store, to allow the physicians to view charts, enter orders, and document pertinent findings in HCA’s native EMR, Meditech. The program was piloted by Dr. Bradley Shumaker, Senior Medical Leader for Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center and the facility IT&S Director, Cecil Jackson. 

The versatility of this cutting edge device continues to impress. Several medical companies already make free apps for the device: Bard, Grey’s, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific to name a few. Couple that with strong veterans in computer desktop applications like Dragon Dictation, built-in WiFi/3G capability, and extraordinary battery life in a package that weighs less than 650 GRAMS! It’s exciting to explore the potential of this powerful tablet in the healthcare setting.

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