Physician Advisory Group – We Need YOU!

Have you encountered a technology or process issue and wondered who to give this feedback to? Do you have ideas on how to make Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center the best place to practice medicine for yourself and your physician colleagues? Join the Physician Advisory Group (PAG)! The PAG was established as a physician-led working group to discuss technology and process issues that you may encounter while practicing at SRMC.

The group was started on August 17 and meets every 3 weeks each Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m. in the SRMC Administrative suite of the Pogonia Medical Arts Building, which is attached to the hospital. Members of SRMC’s and HCA’s Administration, IT&S, Nursing, Quality, Pharmacy and other departments attend these discussions to collect feedback and brainstorm solutions with physicians. The group has managed a busy agenda in the last five meetings with an impressive list of accomplishments and several items currently in progress.

If you interesting in attending a Physician Advisory Group meeting or have items you would like submitted to the group for consideration, please feel free to contact Ken West, Associate Administrator/Core Team Lead at or 540-498-4058. The next two meetings will take place on November 30th and December 21st from 12 p.m. -2 p.m. in the Administrative suite at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. These are some of the items the PAG has accomplished to date: VISICU Remote Access: Physicians now have access VISICU on all computers at SRMC and the ability to access remotely from practices and home via the physician tool bar when logging in remotely.

Special Panels displayed too much info: Education materials & training were produced that will allow physicians to tailor special panels for lab results to their own specificity. Unable to see Endoscopy reports in Meditech: The Endoworks/Meditech Interface has been purchased, installed and tested on 10/6/11. All endoscopy reports can be now located in Meditech under that other reports section. Unable to use Multiple Single Sing (Tap & Go) on more than two computers: Physicians are now able to have their sessions timed out of Meditech allowing them log on to other computers locations using their badges in SRMC. Additional training added to physician orientation. Not receiving discharge summary information on my patients who were seen at SRMC: The Script Rx system is now live to transmit discharge summaries to both PCPs and specialists; system is now functional on inpatient units with all inpatient units grouped.

Please contact us if your office is not receiving discharge summaries. Preliminary Radiology reads weren’t displaying in Meditech after hours: Starting the week of 10/3, Sheridan Tele-Radiology has begun doing final reads after hours and all reads are now displaying in Meditech. Progress notes from Meditech do not display date and time: All progress notes now display dates and time stamps along with corresponding pages.

Neurologists are not able to access EEGs outside of the hospital: The software has been installed and tested. Physicians now have the capability for remote EEG image reading. Date of Birth and Unit Number not included on the Rounding List: These have now been added to the rounding lists. There are also several items the PAG is currently working on solutions to deliver to the medical staff: Why do you have to print the records out from Meditech and scan them back into Horizon Patient Folder? When will we have a fully Electronic Medication Reconciliation process? When is the Emergency Department going to go back to an electronic medical record? When will we have more Evidence-Based Order Sets built into Meditech to use? Ability to place orders into Meditech on patients that are direct Preadmission Order Entry: Why are cardiology related reports mixed in with every other report in Meditech and can we develop a separate section for these?

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