Physician Advisory Group Update

VERICIS Auto-Fax Functionality:  A recent capability was added to our diagnostic cardiology software. Cardiac Catheterization reports and other information can now be auto-faxed directly after the procedure instead of waiting for the report to transfer into Meditech. This addition has improved the readability as well as availability of post-procedure information to primary care and referring physicians.

Primary Care Physician Notification: Our IT&S team is currently pursuing three different strategies to improve communication with primary care practices. We have begun faxing a document called an MD Passport, which provides PCPs information about a patient’s ED visit. This document will be faxed the day after a patient’s visit, and Monday’s faxes will include any ED visits from the weekend.  Our second PCP notification system will allow physicians or their practice designee to be emailed directly upon a patient’s registration in the ED. The physician will also receive a second email notification if the patient is admitted to the hospital. This notification will be sent out real time, 24/7, providing an instant alert to the physician. The notification will contain instructions to receive additional information about the patient’s visit. We are currently piloting this solution, and our business growth team (Kristin and Tim) will be in contact with your practice. Our third notification strategy is called the physician Dropbox. For practices that receive numerous faxes, we have the capability to load a software system which will automatically send scanned pdfs to the practice. The physician practice can then select which documents to print. Information included in the Dropbox will be labs, radiology results, dictations, ED discharge instructions, and any inpatient notes (H&Ps, consults, etc.). We are currently rolling the software out to four practices, but if you are interested in any of this please contact Kristin Thompson or Tim Brown at or

PDOC: As you may recall, in the last issue of the physician newsletter, it was relayed that we would be going live with electronic documentation in the ED. The second reiteration of ED PDOC was scheduled to go-live in mid March. However, several of our other hospitals have also recently implemented the second version of ED PDOC, and after implementation had several recommendations for changes and modifications. Rather than go-live with the software in its current state, we are waiting until the upgrades and modifications are made which will enhance the functionality for our physicians.

The second version of inpatient PDOC has gone live. Our onsite clinical analysts (Gaby, Danielle, and Marie) will be touching base with each physician to walk through the new templates. If there are changes that need to be made, we will work on designing those, and the physician can continue to use the old version of PDOC until the new templates are ready. 

These are just a few of the highlights from our PAG meeting, and if you are interested in receiving the minutes from the meeting or in attending please contact Ken West at or Sebastian Haines at

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