Patient Satisfaction: Our Indication of Success

In industries where a tangible product is delivered, customer satisfaction often is driven by consistent service in delivering a standard product. In service industries such as healthcare it can be more challenging—our product isn’t always tangible. Our “product” that our patients and families seek is called comfort, empathy and better health. You can’t measure that through six-sigma uniformity. The delivery of excellence in healthcare often requires the healthcare team caring for patients to tailor their services to very specific and individual needs, customs and preferences.

Despite it’s challenge, why is customer or patient satisfaction so important here at SRMC?  Because we believe it’s a reflection of what we do and who we are to our patients and community.  When our community physicians refer patients for services to our hospital, we believe that we are an extension of your office. Our service and care when done well, not only benefits the patients but it also adds value to the satisfaction the patient has with the entire healthcare team—including our community physicians.

The delivery of how well service in hospitals is perceived by patients and families is now measured and publicly reported—called HCAPHS.  Recently our local Fredericksburg paper highlighted patient satisfaction scores of each of our local hospitals. We are grateful (and not so surprised) that Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center consistently exceeded the satisfaction scores of other Fredericksburg facilities. “Why did we do so well and do you have a special customer service program?” the reporter asked me during the interview about our satisfaction scores. “We don’t have a special program—it’s just the right thing to do. It’s Spotsy.”

 Our sincere thanks to each of you for your help and support that has contributed to our patients telling us that SRMC is their hospital of choice!

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