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New Medical Staff October-December

Ahmad, Syed Moizuddin, MD Neonatology
Apostle, James, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Dainer, Rupa, MD Anesthesiology
Gill, Sujoy, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Gonzalez, Ernesto, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Haft, Kenneth, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Herlihy, Alice, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Johri, Shilpa, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Kuno, Ritsu, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Lagally, Karl, DO Family Medicine
Mathison, Lisa, CRNA CRNA
Miksa, Andrea, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Mistretta, Michael, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Puryear,Douglas, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Radow, Scott, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Sandness, Dorcas, MD Emergency Medicine
Sayball, Kristyn, DO Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Schenkein, Jeremy, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Suthrave, Aswani, MD Hospitalist-Adult
Torrisi, Peter, MD Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Ansa, Francis, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Athar, Muhammad, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Bergh, Cecilia, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Hackworth, Jordan, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Hey, Jamie, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Isedeh, Anthony Oduje, Jr, MD- Adult Hospitalist
Kaiser, Adam, MD – Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
McLane, Shawn, MD – Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Morrissey, Patricia May Aguilar, CRNA- CRNA
Peltz, Carrie, DM- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Polsky, Michael, MD – Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Quate, Larry, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Rajan, Sunil, MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
Vinson, Laura MD- Tele-Intensivist-Critical Care
AlGhandour, Easa Mahmoud Ahmad , MD Critical Care
Booth,   Nikole, M.M.S., PA-C Surgical PA
Kharsa, Laura, MD Hospitalist-Adult
Neralla,   Sridhar, DO Tele-Intentsivists Critical Care
Reyes, Marisabel, CRNA CRNA
Robertson, Jamie, MSN, FNP NP-ED
Rivers, Cullen, MD Tele-Intentsivists Critical Care
Sarna, Pawanjit, MD Tele-Intentsivists Critical Care
Stewart, Erin, NP NP-ED
Trocone, Steven, DO Emergency Medicine
Curtiss, James, MD Gastroenterology & Moderate Sedation
Oseiwe-Williams, Yvonne, MD Emergency Medicine
Sentz, John, DO Critical Care-Tele-Medicine
Smith, Daniel, MD Critical Care-Tele-Medicine
Swenson, Orel, MD Emergency Medicine
Vadlamani, Lalit, MD Cardiology & Moderate Sedation-Locums

New Medical Staff Leadership:

We are pleased to announce as of January 1, 2017, we have the following new Medical Staff Leadership that will serve until December 31, 2018; they are eligible to run for another 2 year term at that time:

President of the Medical Staff, Dr. Tony Fiore. Dr. Fiore has served as chair of Credentials Committee for 5 years and was Vice President of the Medical staff the last two years.

Vice President of the Medical Staff & Chair of Credentials Committee, Dr. Emerald O’Sullivan-Mejia. Dr. O’Sullivan-Mejia has served as the Vice Chair of Credentials the last 2 years and as Secretary/Treasurer, the last 2 years as well.  She is also recently the Medical Director of the Laboratory.

Secretary & Treasurer of the Medical Staff, Dr. Philip Holzknecht.  Dr. Holzknecht has served as the Department chair for Orthopedics the last 2 years.

The Department Chairs for 2017-2019 include:

  • Dr. Jayson Tappan, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Matt Aiken, Medicine
  • Dr. Nicholas Harding, Orthopedics
  • Dr. Erik Weissler, Radiology
  • Dr. Eric Miano, Surgery
  • Dr. Brian Josephs, Women’s & Children

The Department Vice Chairs for 2017-2019 include:

  • Dr. Jennea Correia, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Usman Rahmat, Medicine & Chair of the Quality Committee
  • Dr. Philip Harry, Orthopedics
  • Dr. Lane Ritter, Surgery
  • Dr. Donna Wicker, Women’s & Children

Patient Keeper

img_0339There is a new tool available that will allow you quick and easy access to patient records from Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center – it is called “PatientKeeper 8” and is available now, for free, in the Apple App Store.  PatientKeeper is a leading provider of software with physicians’ workflow in mind and is currently used by over 60,000 doctors nationwide.

Should you want to see a live demo and get set up on the system we will assist you in linking your app to our HIS and LIS.  Please email or call 540-621-6062.

We do offer technical support in the field – although the app is very easy to use and quite intuitive.  While “PK8” only available for iPhone and iPad – we would be happy to offer other solutions if you cannot access this app. The link will show you video of how PatientKeeper works:


For the last several years, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center has hosted a weight loss challenge for our community in the effort to be a good healthcare partner. January 12th of this year, we had hundreds of people come to do their official “weigh-in” and visit with many fitness related vendors.  It is a 16-week journey where contestants receive a weekly motivational email and as often as we can, we attach a message from our medical providers that offers insight on their profession as it pertains to obesity.   Our contestants look forward to these emails each week plus it is a great way to connect our medical community to potential future patients.  In addition to the emails, we also provide onsite lectures by a Registered Dietician, healthy food demonstrations and using proper footwear to name a few.

If you would like to submit a couple paragraph article or be a speaker, please contact Kristin Thompson at 540-848-4510 or email


trula-minton-photo-002  We are excited to welcome Trula Minton as our Interim Chief Nursing Officer, starting July 2016. Trula served as the Chief Nursing Officer at HCA Virginia’s Chippenham Hospital, 2009-2016. She became interested in a healthcare career as a junior volunteer while in high school. During her first year of college at Westhampton College, University of Richmond, she decided that becoming a clinical psychologist was not her career goal, but instead, becoming a registered nurse. Trula graduated from the Petersburg General Hospital School of Professional Nursing and continued her education in nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia, earning her Baccalaureate and Master’s Degrees in Nursing/Nursing Administration.

Trula’s professional career began in critical care with a move into medical psychiatric nursing. Her career with HCA began in 1984 as a Registered Nurse at HCA Poplar Springs Hospital in Petersburg, VA. While at Poplar Springs, she was promoted from staff nurse to Director of Admissions and subsequently to Director of Nursing/Associate Administrator. During her tenure with HCA, Trula has held numerous leadership positions with the behavioral health arena as well as acute care, coming to Chippenham & Johnston-Willis in 1995.

Trula is a member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives and the American/Virginia Nurses’ Association. She has been involved in several community boards including Crisis Link Suicide Prevention, Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board, Tri-City CASA, and Greater Richmond Children’s Health Involving Parents. Trula continues to serve on the Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia Alumni Board of Trustees and is a representative for the Nursing Division.

Trula has also been a member of The Joint Commission Professional/Technical Advisory Committee representing the American Hospital Association as well as Behavioral Health Advisory Council. She has held an appointment as Adjunct Faculty at VCU School of Nursing.

Trula was appointed in July 2011 to the Virginia Board of Nursing for a four-year term by Governor Robert F. McDonnell and reappointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe for a second term, 2015-2019. She has served as an officer of the Board in the capacity of Secretary. In 2014 she was appointed by Governor McAuliffe to represent the Board of Nursing on the Advisory Board of the Department of Health Professions. Trula is a member of the Clinical Advisory Board, John Tyler Community College.



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