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SRMC Holiday Party & Annual Medical Staff Meeting Reminders

This is just a friendly reminder that the SRMC holiday party is Saturday, December 9th from 7PM-10PM at the University of Mary Washington Jepson Alumni Executive Center  Please RSVP to Shanna Kahn at:

The Annual Medical Staff Meeting is Thursday, December 7th, at 5:30 and will be held in the SRMC café.  We look forward to seeing you at both the meeting and the holiday party!

SRMC holiday party




Most Advanced Robotic da Vinci Surgical System in the Fredericksburg Region Available at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center!

In May of 2017, we had our first da Vinci Surgical Case! Dr. Bradley C. Ryan performed the first robotic assisted recurrent incisional hernia repair at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Using the da Vinci Si Surgical System, Dr. Ryan was able to facilitate the removal of scar tissue from previous patient operations using minimally invasive surgery versus traditional surgical methods.

The da Vinci System features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. The robotic assisted technology allows surgeons to operate using the tiniest incisions- with greater vision, precision and control.

“With the new Si robot recently purchased by Spotsylvania Regional, we now, for the first time in Fredericksburg, have the ability to perform advanced maneuvers, (stapling and energy for coagulation and division of vessels), that has opened the door for a wider range of laparoscopic procedures to be done with the robot technique. We can now do intestinal surgery (e.g., colectomies) with the added benefits that the robot provides over traditional laparoscopic surgery,” commented Dr. Ryan.

One of the main enhancements provided by robotic surgery as opposed to traditional open or laparoscopic surgery is a faster recovery. Generally, the patient has a shorter, less intense pain course and a shorter period of physical restrictions. “We are pleased to offer our patients an alternative to traditional surgical services with the da Vinci Si Surgical System. Our goal is to provide exceptional compassionate care to our patients, using the best technology available to us for the best patient outcomes,” said Michael Clark, CEO at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

The results are just what we are looking for, “Our inaugural robotic case went very well, said Dr. Ryan. “We succeeded in accomplishing all goals- our patient received a great repair and is doing well.” Ryan continues, “This patient is a good example of the advantages of robotic surgery. He previously had an extensive surgical history including a previous repair. The robot facilitates removal of scar tissue from previous operations to allow minimally invasive surgery in difficult environments. It also allows physical closure of hernia defects and well-positioned mesh reinforcement that should provide a successful repair where other efforts have failed.”


Y90 Therapy Now Available at SRMC

SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres Therapy Now Available at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center


Treatment Improves Survival Time and Provides New Hope to Patients with Metastatic Liver Tumors


Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce the availability of Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, (SIRT) for the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George and surrounding areas. SIRT is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure performed in Interventional Radiology here at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. It is indicated for patients diagnosed with inoperable colorectal cancer which has metastasized to the liver. SIRT also known as radioembolization, yttrium90 or Y-90, is also being used to treat other types of cancers such as choliangiocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and neuroendocrine.

Radioembolization involves a small catheter being advanced through a blood vessel in the leg directly to the tumor area of interest. Then microspheres containing the radioactive isotope yttrium-90 (Y-90) are injected directly into the tumor. Y-90 delivers beta radiation directly to the tumor and stops blood supply to the tumor. These radioactive microspheres administer a dose of internal radiation, while sparing healthy tissue. After the delivery of radiation the catheter is removed and the procedure is completed. Patients are kept calm and comfortable during the procedure and usually takes about an hour.

We work collaboratively with the Oncologist to ensure our patients are receiving the best care available. If you feel as if this may benefit you or your patient please give us a call at (540) 498-4269.

Welcome Kim Jarrell, Associate Chief Nursing Officer

ACNO announcement

New Physicians-2017-November Newsletter

Carpenter, Darrell, MD Surgery Provisional
Onyike, Ahamefula, MD Orthopedics Provisional
Zahir, Usman, MD Orthopedics Provisional
Buchanan, Patricia, MD Radiology Provisional
Cary, Brittany, NP NP Provisional
Hamilton, Daniel, PA, MS – PAS PA Provisional
Howard, Tanya, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Johnson, Karen, MD Critical Care Core-Tele-medicine Provisional
Katcheves, Alexander, MD Neurology-Tele-Medicine Provisional
Kulas, Patricia, MD Radiology Provisional
Paidisetty, Sanjay, MD Radiology & Moderate Sedation Provisional
Parikh, Hiren, MD Hospitalist-Adult Provisional
Post, Ronald, MD Surgeon-General Provisional
Rosenzweig, Todd, MD Neurology-Tele-Medicine Provisional
Tipler, Bradley, MD Radiology Provisional
Ryan, Bradley, MD ADD PRIVILEGE-DaVinci to existing General Surgery ADD PRIV
King, Brad, MD ADD PRIVILEGE-DaVinci to existing General Surgery ADD PRIV
Balke, Nora, NP NP Provisional
Ellis, Mishell, MSN, FNP – BC NP Provisional
Fazel, Reza, MD Cardiology & Moderate Sedation Provisional
Ghanem, Karim, PA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Gore, Garvin, MD Radiology Provisional
Mehta, Mansen, MD Hematology/Oncology Provisional
Moore, Bonny, MD Hematology/Oncology Provisional
Moorhead, Amy, PA PA-Orthopedics Provisional
Muessen, Maria, NP NP Provisional
Song, XinDe, PA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Beamon, Charles, MD ADD PRIVILEGE-DaVinci to existing Urology ADD PRIV
Szlyk, Gregory, MD ADD PRIVILEGE-DaVinci to existing Urology ADD PRIV
Bakos, Stephen, MD ENT Provisional
Crimaldi, Sonia, MD Radiology Provisional
Damodar, Stephanie, PA PA-ED Provisional
Miley, Kathryn, ARNP NP-ED Provisional
Rahbar, Rodeen, MD Vascular Surgery Provisional
Reibling, Suzanne, ARNP NP Provisional
Schultz, Cynthia Neonatology ADD PRIV. of Infant Circumcision to existing Neonatology Privilege
Aflaki, Pejman, MD Plastic Surgery Provisional
Bageon, Dana, ARNP ARNP Provisional
Cabell, Holly, ARNP NP-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Chanda, Arjit, MD Internal Medicine-Interventional Cardiology Provisional
Collins, Stephen, CNP NP-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Dalawari, Jasdeep, MD Cardiology & Moderate Sedation Provisional
Evans, James, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Foster, Michael, MD Cardiology Provisional
Gabriel, Ryan, MD Radiology Provisional
Grant, Merkeza, DO Emergency Medicine Provisional
Gyebi, Kofi, MD Hospitalist Provisional
Harpole, Joseph, MD Radiology Provisional
Hill, Frank, MD Urology Provisional
Johnson, Sharita, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Khouri, Elie, MD Hospitalist Provisional
Kluttz, Shannon, MPA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Koors, Paul, MD ENT Provisional
Lafferty, Melissa, FNP-C NP-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Marble, Robert, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Reyes, Marisabel, CRNA CRNA Provisional
Suarez, Mark, PA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Wager, Brook, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Curtiss, James, MD Gastroenterology ADD PRIV. ERCP to existing Gastroenterology Privileges
 Adjei-Twum, Kelvin, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Conrad, Amber, PA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
Dunbar, Mark, PA PA-Emergency Medicine Provisional
 Gianakakos, Georgia, MD Neurology-Tele-Medicine Provisional
Jones, Djuna Denise, DO OB/GYN locums Provisional
 Perez Hernandez, Xavier, MD Adult-Hospitalist Provisional
Remmers, Rebecca, MD Pathology Provisional
Vu, Duyanh, MD Radiology Provisional
Abdullah, Shaad, MD Hematology/Oncology Provisional
Bowen, Michael, DPM Podiatry Provisional
Chaudhry, Omer, MD Radiology Provisional
Chen, Steven , MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Das, Surjya, MD Cardiology-locums Provisional
Delaune, Eugene, MD Emergency Medicine Provisional
Fanning, Nicole, MD OB/GYN Provisional
Park, Chanhi , MD Radiology Provisional
Thornberry, Christa , MD Peds Hospitalist Provisional
Waverly, Brett, DPM Podiatry Provisional


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